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House Mix House / Office Live Indoor Pot Plant Ideal Wedding Favour Gift B076HV3LFC
Houseplants are ideal gifts for a wedding anniversary and as birthday gifts for parents. These are ..
£77.72 £24.56
FLOB Crassula with Cachepot Plant B07FN4DC6S
A delicious "grove" of crassula: here is the perforated crassula! Belonging to the family of crassu..
£67.28 £32.55
Rhipsalis pachyptera robusta House Plant in a 13cm Pot B07C8RC4CP
Rhipsalis pachyptera robusta makes a lovely hanging house plant here in the UK. it is an epiphytic ..
£92.73 £23.76
Echeveria Collection 6 Plants B00TQQN2OU
You are buying a beautiful Echeveria collection with plants in different sizes from different speci..
£77.67 £24.57
Sansevieria Laurentii Houseplant 60 65cm tall Mother in Laws Tongue B013K8HGXC
Sanieveria laurentii is an attractive house plant that is very easy to care for. The strong vertica..
£97.72 £33.66
Set of 3 Aloe vera plants approx 2 years old 105cm pot B00VUU7E2G
Aloe vera - Nature's Pharmacy Even Cleopatra liked and used Aloe vera to care for her skin.Aleo lea..
£79.41 £50.92
Tillandsia Argentea House/Office Live Indoor Air Plants For Arrangments Terrariums and Vivariums 3 B07CWXRNTX
Argentea is a epiphytic perennial with silvery white-scaly, pale green leaves. Produces tubular spi..
£70.90 £22.49
Lithops Living Rocks Collection 10 Plants B019CEKG4E
You are buying a very nice collection of 10 different species and subspecies of Lithops. I will com..
£91.19 £50.46
Cereus peruvianus Florida Cactus House Plant in a 12cm Pot x 1 B07954MWFT
Cereus peruvianus 'Florida' is also known as the Night Flowering Cactus.Native to Florida, these un..
£62.41 £24.34
Kelly Hoppen London Trailing Succulent B07DLGCVZ6
Possibly the most versatile of our faux plants, the trailing succulent can be easily and elegant dr..
£84.40 £34.56
Euphorbia Lactea Cristata / Dragon Bonen / appr 30cm / Coral Cactus with Colourful Ceramic Pot / Unique Cactus like Gift / red B01M4IWSAJ
Dragon Bones are a colourful and quirky gift for teens and adults alike. It's quirky looks make it ..
£74.06 £27.58
Euphorbia Acruensis Cactus Plant in a 17cm Pot SECONDS BARGAIN B01N42GGKQ
Fabulous large cactus in a 17cm pot. Plant is approx. 75-80cm tall.Very easy to look after. Water s..
£79.35 £35.24
Rainbow Chin Cactus Very Popular Cactus variety Grow your own Rainbow Ideal starter Cactus Set Make excellent gifts for Birthdays Quirky looks make them popular with Children Teenagers and Collectors alike Available as 1 or 5 Comes with removable hook Gymnocalycium 5 B01C7CZ5I0
The Gymnocalycium Cactus is more commonly known as the Chin Cactus. It is a very popular cactus cho..
£103.07 £42.47
Perfect Plants Euphorbia Polyacantha Cactus Plant x 1 Houseplant Green 30 cm B076HQWNK9
Product Description euphorbia polyacantha is a leafless, spiny, ever..
£74.17 £23.32
Sansevieria Trifasciata Mother in Laws Tongue Beautiful Indoor Flowering Snake Plant Easy Care Air Purifying Plant B06Y3WLYZR
The Mother in Law's Tongue is a beautiful and unique looking hardy and evergreen indoor house plant..
£75.80 £28.83
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