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Smart Case for iPhone 8 elecfan Removable 2 in 1 Case with Card Slots Retro PU Leather Wallet Protective Stand Folio Flip Cover for iPhone 8 Dark Brown B0776W7KZ3
Full all around protection for your iPhone 8. The sturdy but flexible shell (Base Case) effectively..
£97.68 £35.51
Ultra Diamond Teardrop Terrarium 205x205x265cm Premium Quality Glass Terrarium Diamond Teardrop Terrarium with a Cut off Edge perfect for Moss and Plants or Decorations B01GCXHRAO
Introduction We are pleased to be able to bring to you our Diamond Teardrop shaped Glass Terrarium ..
£85.94 £51.21
FloraAtHome Combibox Ficus Green Kinky Coffea Arabica Alocasia Polly Dieffenbachia Compacta 12 cm Pot 25 cm high Set of 4 Items B07FYTDZ3P
Ficus Green Kinky, Coffea Arabica, Alocasia Polly, Dieffenbachia CompactaA nice combination of four..
£84.38 £39.77
Senecio herreanus String of Beans Trailing Succulent House Plant on a Stand B07GH7GF2M
Senecio herreanus - String of beans succulent houseplant The string of beans or string of pearls su..
£87.64 £34.92
Sansevieria Trifasciata Mother in Laws Tongue Beautiful Indoor Flowering Snake Plant Easy Care Air Purifying Plant B06Y3WLYZR
The Mother in Law's Tongue is a beautiful and unique looking hardy and evergreen indoor house plant..
£75.80 £28.83
Perfect Plants Large White Christmas Cactus Plant in a 17cm Pot Schlumbergera Houseplant Green 30x30x40 cm B077YC1NVR
Product Description Fantastic flowering cactus plant (no spines) ..
£69.14 £43.87
Large Aloe Vera Plant Excellent healing benefit Aloe Vera Gel Aloe vera plants Aloe plant Aloe Vera plant Aloe Vera Gel Plant gifts Kitchen plant Houseplant Office plant Christmas gifts Christmas presents Small plants B07B8QCRTV
Noted for its healing properties the Aloe vera plant is very popular in everything from cosmetics t..
£79.13 £19.49
Spanish Moss Terrarium Tillandsia Usneoides Plant B00NPXUYKA
Product Description Spanish Moss is a fast growing Airplant which ta..
£87.83 £19.30
UltraByEasyPeasyStore Ultra 10x10x10 Premium Quality Glass Terrarium Cube with a Cut off Edge perfect for Moss and Plants or Decorations 10x10x10 B019ZYXGAW
Introduction We are pleased to be able to bring to you our cube shaped Glass Terrarium which measur..
£65.84 £24.17
Money tree set 3 different Crassula species in 12cm pot B00LMH30UW
Each of these survival artists saves water for dry days in his thick fleshy leaves. Pot size: 12cmM..
£99.52 £26.70
Disco Cactus Mix In Decorative Coloured Ceramic Pails House / Office Live Indoor Pot Plants Ideal Wedding Favour Party Gifts 4 Plants B0796XCN5Q
Disco Cactus are interesting houseplants valued by collectors around the globe. They grow in well-d..
£77.64 £43.82
FLOB Crassula with Cachepot Plant B07FN4DC6S
A delicious "grove" of crassula: here is the perforated crassula! Belonging to the family of crassu..
£67.28 £32.55
6 Tillandsia air plant collection live airplant for house vivarium decoration plant B071L65T8P
6 x Air Plant Collection6 Tillandsia air plant collection live airplant for house vivarium decorati..
£99.61 £32.79
FloraAtHome Combibox Cyperus Alternifolius Zumula Ficus Bambino Castanos Livistona Rotundifolia 12 cm Pot 23 cm high Set of 4 Items B07FYPBHL2
Cyperus Alternifolius 'Zumula', Ficus Bambino,Castanospermum Australe, Livistona Rotundifolia,A nic..
£101.11 £43.37
Just Seed Flower Cactus Lithops salicola 250 Seeds Bulk Pack B00Z9WT8ZM
Cactus - Lithops salicola seeds Approx: 250 Seeds - Bulk Pack Fresh Lithops seeds. This Living Ston..
£101.10 £29.69
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