Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants
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Blue Ribbon Pet Products 30543 Neon Yellow Color burst Plant Dragon Leaf B00H839BES
Product Description Designed in bright fluorescent colors, this grav..
£94.62 £27.46
Bacopa Monnieri submerged Aquarium 40 Strands B0796F8NDB
is a very popular aquatic plant among the aquarium fish keepers. It is also known as Moneywort, Wat..
£91.07 £33.82
20 Bunch Ceratophyllum Demersum Oxygenating Pond Plant B00X7LDYIY
Ceratophyllum Demersum (Oxygenating Plant) in 10 x Bunch. More avaliable in shop at cheaper price. ..
£62.50 £40.39
Iris Versicolor Gerald Darby Marginal Pond Plants Pond Plants Water Plants Bog Plants None 1 Ltr B0796KB8P6
Gerald Darby Deep purple at base of leaves leading to mid green, pale blue flowers held on deep pur..
£63.90 £15.50
Vallisneria Americana Var Rubra submerged Aquarium 10 Strands B0796FWC5B
Vallisneria sp. Gigantea from Asia is an easy plant that grows fast, suitable for large aquariums. ..
£87.68 £23.39
5 bunch Trichoma javanicum for aquarium and terrarium B002VPRNGQ
5 Bunde Trichoma javanicum, AQUAFARN Genus: Ferns Name: trichoma javanicum temperature Ra..
£70.64 £15.21
Lythrum salicaria Purple loosestrife None 1 Ltr B07655LLJY
A stunning plant for a medium to large pond or lake. The tall pink blooms can be seen from some dis..
£99.66 £15.09
Marimo Moss Ball Dayoly Live Aquarium Aquatic Plant for Fish/shrimp Tank for discus betta decor ornament crystal algae aegagropila Suitable for Coral reef brackish water aquarium/terrarium 5 B07CYRF8PP
The Japanese believe that Marimo will bring good luck. Hence, they grow it in a glass bottle or aqu..
£72.35 £43.60
3 pots Anubia afzelli water plant Aquarium B002VPQ7KE
3 pots Anubia afzelli you can acquire the following plant here: genus: Anubia Name: afz..
£89.43 £24.69
1 halfminiature water lily variety Mad laydecker light red B004SG92OW
purchase here the following semi-dwarf water lily: Mad laydecker water depth: 20 - 10..
£90.94 £29.39
3 pots Cryptocoryne costata water plant B002VPOBPM
3 pots Cryptocoryne costata Here you can acquire the following plant : genus: Cryptocoryn..
£102.77 £20.97
5 pots Anubia Barteri perch resistant water plant B002VPKP8O
5 pots Anubia barteri Price per pot 4.15 EUR you can acquire the following plant here: ..
£97.82 £51.58
5 pots Anubia Hastifolia big aquatic plant B002VPIW02
5 pot Anubia hasitfolia Price per pot 4.15 EUR you can acquire the following plant here: ..
£89.50 £40.76
Carex muskingumensis Musk sedge Marginal Pond Plants Pond Plants Water Plants None 3 Ltr B077WKR8LL
An architectural plant with light green feathered finely tapering leaves. Posting: Monday-Thursday ..
£77.57 £26.92
120 water plants lotus 2 10 floating plants B002VPQ6BE
The range of plants offered is sufficient for the establishment of a 200-250 liter aquarium. < / fo..
£96.23 £46.19
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