Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants
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20 x RED LUDWIGIA Live tropical aquarium plant pink fern for fish tank repens glandulosa B072BMPR5C
20 x Ludwigia - red leaved plant Suitable for tropical tanks You are buying 20 loose stems which wi..
£92.80 £14.82
Blyxa Japonica submerged Aquarium 10 Strands B0796F1KJH
Blyxa Japonica is a very beautiful plant in the planted aquarium hobby due to its attractive grassy..
£96.06 £24.34
Madame Wilfron Gonnere water lily pond plants water lilies aquatic plants B06XD4RM4Y
This is a strikingly pretty water lily whose distinctively rounded pink petals are progressively li..
£72.37 £15.33
Ceratopteris Thalicrodes submerged Aquarium 40 Strands B0796FJ9H8
This plant normally grows fast, but the addition of CO2 may be necessary to promote growth. In smal..
£94.30 £32.92
1 halfminiature water lily variety Andreas Berthold white flower B004SGMUOG
purchase here the following semi-dwarf water lily: Nymphaea Andreas Berthold Descript..
£84.20 £35.20
Nano 4 Nano Aquarium Water Plant Set for 30 40l B004K12986
you get a range of aquatic plants Design of a nano aquarium 30-40 l < / font > < / p > --- see a..
£70.83 £33.78
Size: 9cmHeight (Supplied): 3-5 inchesVinca can be evergreen subshrubs or herbaceous perennials, wi..
£97.92 £15.68
Wanvisa water lily pond plants water lilies aquatic plants B06XD2J41C
The flowers of this unique variety are predominantly pink with cream flecks but sometimes they are ..
£77.72 £16.70
2 x live aquarium bulb NYMPHAEA RUBRA Red Tiger Zenkeri Lotus plant tropical fish tank hide for betta B0711GVQV9
Nymphaea Rubra Bulb You are buying 2 bulb of this beautiful aquatic plant which may or may not alre..
£74.26 £12.59
5 pots Cryptocoryne wendtii green water plant B002VPROCY
5 pots Cryptocoryne wendtii green you can here the following plant purchase: genus: Cryptoc..
£81.12 £31.60
10 x Echinodorus Bleheri water plant perch resistant B002VPQAV0
get 10 ECHINODORU S Bleheri (Grand sword plant) for your aquarium! These plants are considered to..
£77.54 £28.81
1 halfminiature water lily Perrys Baby Red dark red B004SGMUJ6
purchase here the following semi-dwarf water lily: Perrys Baby Red Description: Bred by:..
£87.58 £32.67
1 water lily variety Hermine white flower B004SG91MK
purchase here the following water lily: Hermione Description: Breeder: Marliac 1910 F..
£77.50 £30.12
Arum italicum Marginal Pond Plants Pond Plants Water Plants Bog Plants None 1 Ltr B0796G7W1C
Lords & Ladies Hardy perennial with attractive arrow-shaped leaves green with white veins. Flowers ..
£77.66 £15.51
15 bunch Echinodorus Tropica discus aquarium fish tank B002VPRNHA
15 league Tropica Echinodorus < / strong > < / font > < font FACE = " Arial" > German Name: < / s..
£62.41 £39.95
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