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Aquatic Plants
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Marginal Pond Plant / Acorus gramineus Ogon Golden variegated slender sweet flag 1Ltr B01A7SAU54
This variegated semi evergreen has aromatic, showy bright yellow & green striped foliage that grows..
£97.99 £15.06
Nano 4 Nano Aquarium Water Plant Set for 30 40l B004K12986
you get a range of aquatic plants Design of a nano aquarium 30-40 l < / font > < / p > --- see a..
£70.83 £33.78
Gratiola officinalis Summer Snowflake None 1 Ltr B071FX88RT
Pretty spires of white or pink flowers are located in the axils of the leaves. In Switzerland it gr..
£94.49 £15.55
Hygrophila Difformis submerged Aquarium 15 Strands B0796F4J7J
Hygrophila difformis from Asia is beautiful and undemanding. Stems becomes 20-30 cm tall and 6-12 c..
£84.25 £19.45
Hygrophila polysperma submerged Aquarium Plants B078BQ5TMD
Hygrophila polysperma is a wetland plant that can occur as a submerged or an emersed plant. It inha..
£72.38 £12.51
Bacopa Monnieri submerged Aquarium 10 Strands B0796F5FXD
is a very popular aquatic plant among the aquarium fish keepers. It is also known as Moneywort, Wat..
£96.13 £15.89
3 pots echinodorus foxtail water plant B002VPQ4UM
3 pots Echinodorus foxtail Here you can purchase the following plants: genus: Echinodorus N..
£72.42 £23.36
Canna Picasso Marginal Pond Plants Pond Plants Water Plants Bog Plants None 3 Ltr B0796FYHSX
Gb{Qeous, big, bold, large leaved Canna li lies. Qi'ange and bicolor flowers Protect from frost. Po..
£75.91 £24.98
Vallisneria Spiralis Torta submerged Aquarium 5 Strands B0796FPMKT
What you will receive: Selected number of strands of Vallisneria Spiralis Torta This is a highly or..
£69.07 £21.04
Veroda Artificial Boxwood Buxus Topiary 15cm Hanging Balls B00XHPDFW0
The boxwood ball can be easily un-clippedVeroda Artificial Boxwood Buxus Topiary 15cm Hanging Balls..
£64.07 £12.76
Waterworld Aqua Set Sagitaria Latifolia Arrowhead B00J8OMCSC
The English name for Sagitaria Latifolia is Arrowhead. This plant blooms with white flowers in the ..
£91.02 £27.56
5 pots Echinodorus Griesebachii aquatic plant B002VPMNHA
you get five pots Echinodorus GRIESEBACHII genus: Echinodorus Name: Griesebachii temperature ..
£60.65 £34.56
Complete Waterplants Pond Plant Kit Pontederia B07B2YY167
Making your pond look amazing has been made easy with the Moerings Waterplants kit. The kits are a..
£87.69 £21.09
Houttuynia cordata ‘Plena’ Orange Peel Plant Marginal Pond Plant Pond Plants Water Plants Potted 1 LTR B07DT1SDPB
It has white flowers, made of numerous bracts, which are prolific from May to September. The leaves..
£90.96 £15.73
Size: 9cmHeight (Supplied): 3-5 inchesVinca can be evergreen subshrubs or herbaceous perennials, wi..
£97.92 £15.68
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