Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants
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10 Bunches of Elodea Densa Oxygenating Pond Plant B005CJGOMM
What you will receive: 5 - 8 Strands x 10 - Weighted All products are sent on the day of picking to..
£91.23 £18.76
1 Bareroot Pot Luck Lilly &hellip B01A7OXABE
1 pot luck lilly bareroot (will be named) . We dispatch plants Mon to Thur only. The lilly will hav..
£75.85 £18.37
5 Lead Weighted Bunches of Elodea densa replacement Oxygenating Pond Plant B008K3Z3UQ
This lot is for 5 bunches of Elodea Crispa, also known as Laragasiphon major, curly pond weed or Go..
£67.28 £12.54
Cyperus alternifolius Umbrella palm None 1 Ltr B073KZP68C
So called because of the shape of its umbels of grassy spikelets. It makes a popular house plant an..
£70.83 £15.34
Blue Ribbon Pet Products 30541 Neon Orange Color burst Plant Dragon Leaf B00H839C88
Product Description Designed in bright fluorescent colors, this grav..
£70.74 £15.35
5 pots Echinodorus rubra rubin aquatic plants B002VPKREG
5 pots Echinodorus rubra < / font > < / p > Here you can acquire the following plant : < / stro..
£77.74 £37.45
3 Giant Living Marimo Moss Balls 2 3 Inches 1 Nano Marimo Free! Live Cladophora Aquarium Aquatic Plant for Fish or Shrimp Tank 8 15 years old B00R9ZNFGA
The Japanese believe that Marimo will bring good luck. Hence, they grow it in a glass bottle or aqu..
£101.08 £18.17
Canna Picasso Marginal Pond Plants Pond Plants Water Plants Bog Plants None 3 Ltr B0796FYHSX
Gb{Qeous, big, bold, large leaved Canna li lies. Qi'ange and bicolor flowers Protect from frost. Po..
£75.91 £24.98
Size: 9cmHeight (Supplied): 3-5 inchesPhysocarpus are bushy deciduous suckering shrubs with palmate..
£99.71 £12.95
Blyxa Japonica submerged Aquarium 10 Strands B0796F1KJH
Blyxa Japonica is a very beautiful plant in the planted aquarium hobby due to its attractive grassy..
£96.06 £24.34
Fabiola water lily pond plants water lilies aquatic plants B06XD2G98K
This is a strikingly pretty water lily whose distinctively rounded pink petals are progressively li..
£60.77 £15.87
An orchid flowering size variety Cochleanthes hybrids 12cm pot B006FTD9IA
acquire the following Article : < / font > 1 orchid the variety Cochleanthes Hybrid < / font >..
£70.88 £30.49
5 Bunches of Elodea Densa Oxygenating Pond Plant B005D0HRLM
What you will receive: 5 - 8 Strands x 5 - Weighted . They will need to be placed in water immediat..
£99.57 £15.73
Echinodorus icus Sword submerged Aquarium 5 Strands B0796FQJGN
One of the most popular plants that are kept in aquariums, they are very hardy and need very little..
£67.35 £16.95
Ceratopteris Thalicrodes submerged Aquarium 10 Strands B0796F9LJL
This plant normally grows fast, but the addition of CO2 may be necessary to promote growth. In smal..
£102.82 £17.17
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