Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants
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Arum italicum Marginal Pond Plants Pond Plants Water Plants Bog Plants None 1 Ltr B0796G7W1C
Lords & Ladies Hardy perennial with attractive arrow-shaped leaves green with white veins. Flowers ..
£77.66 £15.51
Organic growing media for Lotus & Tropical Lilies in Containers A Nutrient Rich Growing Media This ..
£76.02 £15.94
5 bunch Trichoma javanicum for aquarium and terrarium B002VPRNGQ
5 Bunde Trichoma javanicum, AQUAFARN Genus: Ferns Name: trichoma javanicum temperature Ra..
£70.64 £15.21
5 pots Echinodorus Griesebachii aquatic plant B002VPMNHA
you get five pots Echinodorus GRIESEBACHII genus: Echinodorus Name: Griesebachii temperature ..
£60.65 £34.56
Ceratopteris Thalicrodes submerged Aquarium 10 Strands B0796F9LJL
This plant normally grows fast, but the addition of CO2 may be necessary to promote growth. In smal..
£102.82 £17.17
Rotala Macrandra submerged Aquarium 30 Strands B0796GCGD1
Rotala macrandra is an outstanding beautiful aquarium plant, but unfortunately it is very demanding..
£75.78 £28.21
Geum rivale Water avens None 1 Ltr B071JJ41JT
This prolific flowering plant produces delicate nodding bell-shaped pinkie-red flowers continuously..
£99.54 £15.80
Iris laevigata Mottled Beauty Marginal Pond Plant Japanese Water Iris B071947FPJ
Iris Mottled beauty' has a beautiful six petalled white flower,that is overlaid with deep china blu..
£86.05 £13.86
Pink Rose Dream 3Pc 4cm Mini Aquarium Moss Balls Premium Quality Plant Shrimp Nano For Fish Tank Decor B0794Y3P7V
Description: 100% brand New and high quality A great way to bring green tank back to your beautiful..
£86.11 £12.25
20 x GREEN CABOMBA Live tropical aquarium plant pink fern for fish tank cabomba caroliana B071L6595G
20 x Cabomba (Green)20 x GREEN CABOMBA Live tropical aquarium plant pink fern for fish tank cabomba..
£81.05 £12.25
1 green japanese water lily B002VPKRLE
1 Green Japanese pond Rose It will be the eye-catcher in your aquarium. The plant can be plante..
£64.22 £16.14
1 Unids Bottle Caps for DIY CO2 System Aquarium Kit Part Generator of Live Plants Air Diffuser Letter B New B071HVHGPD
High quality 4 new generic 1 unids bottle caps for diy co2 system aquarium kit part generator of li..
£70.96 £13.54
Echinodorus icus Sword submerged Aquarium 10 Strands B0796FJXT8
One of the most popular plants that are kept in aquariums, they are very hardy and need very little..
£74.34 £24.20
Yellow Flag Iris 2 Plants Each in a 05 L Pot Set of 2 B07BB61NLR
Yellow Flag Iris - 2 plants, each in a 0.5 L pot (Set of 2) Iris pseudacorus Iris pseudacorus is an..
£86.00 £21.58
10 water soldier Stratiotes aloides garden pond frost hardy B002VPRP5A
10 crab claws for the garden pond This article is seasonal only available from March to Novem..
£81.09 £47.62
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