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Hylocereus Undatus Cacti Plant in a 13cm Pot Dragon Fruit B07B3QR4NS
Hylocereus undatus is a rather unruly succulent cactus house plant that is also known as a dragon f..
£64.20 £30.79
FloraAtHome Combibox Ficus Green Kinky Coffea ArabicaDieffenbachia Compacta Calathea Rufibarba 12 cm Pot 25 cm high Set of 4 Items B07FYVLS1B
Ficus Green Kinky, Coffea Arabica,Dieffenbachia Compacta , Calathea RufibarbaA nice combination of ..
£84.25 £39.99
Gift Republic Grow It Succulents B07BB4R82Q
Product Description Fancy having a bit more green around the home? g..
£67.52 £22.63
Polaskia Chichipe grafting stock exotic cacti night flower cactus seed 50 SEEDS B01JF6RUYI
Polaskia Chichipe, grafting stock exotic cacti night flower cactus seed 50 SEEDSPolaskia Chichipe g..
£84.31 £24.25
Euphorbia Trigona Rubra Cactus Plant 60 70cm tall Purple Cacti B01MZDYDPP
Euphorbia trigona f. rubra is also known as the African milk tree cactus plant, also the purple cac..
£82.67 £42.69
Aloe Vera Plant in 9 cm Pot B00U1GK5FI
Product Description This Aloe Vera plant, known as the Indian medici..
£80.93 £31.74
Sansevieria Moonshine in a 12cm Pot Unusual Houseplant B06XX8WDJX
Sansevieria 'Moonshine' is an exceptionally architecturally-pleasing house plant that has a vertica..
£69.12 £25.55
Musykrafties Terrarium Fairy Garden Kits Create Your Own Living Terrarium FULL SET include Moss Soil Carbonized Charcoal and Tools B074QMZDSP
Instructions: 1.Place carbonized charcoal around 1/6 of the container. 2.Cut and layer a dried ba..
£64.07 £30.17
Sansevieria Trifasciata Mother in Laws Tongue Beautiful Indoor Flowering Snake Plant Easy Care Air Purifying Plant B06Y3WLYZR
The Mother in Law's Tongue is a beautiful and unique looking hardy and evergreen indoor house plant..
£64.08 £30.32
Lithops Living Rocks Collection 10 Plants B019CEKG4E
You are buying a very nice collection of 10 different species and subspecies of Lithops. I will com..
£64.07 £49.36
ShopSquare64 Mini White Pots Simulation Plant Aloe Vera Immortal Finger Potted Plants B07GWPPXBP
Descriptio: mini white pots simulation plant aloe vera immortal finger potted plants 1. Save a long..
£84.40 £26.50
Easy Plants1 Easy Care Snake House Plant Mother in Laws Tongue in Self Watering Pot & White Topping B07G8R4WQT
Growing in a colourful Self Watering plastic Pot. These lovely plants can be really easy to cared a..
£59.01 £41.62
Tillandsia in Zanzibar Skirt XXL 5 plants B00CJFD87G
Tillandsia Arrangement on Zanzibar Skirt - XXL - 5 plants Tillandsia live (almost) only air and ..
£77.49 £34.04
Set of 10 different cactus in 55 cm pot B011YKKA7W
Ten of the most popular cactus in a set Ideal to start your new collection. This set includes 10 ..
£59.08 £31.55
E-COCO PRODUCTS UK ORGANIC ALOE VERA GROWING MEDIA This product consists of: 1. Cocopeat (25%) with..
£52.22 £19.23
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