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Perfect Plants Aeonium Kiwi Succulent Plant in a 13cm Pot Houseplant Green 30 cm B076HZF39B
Product Description Aeonium ‘Kiwi’ is a very attractive and showy pl..
£53.81 £29.29
Portulacaria afra var Dwarf Jade Plant Hanging Pot 14cm B018HV8ROE
Portulacaria afra variegata - Dwarf Jade PlantIt's related to the common money tree, so it's very e..
£59.05 £26.62
Perfect Plants Christmas Cactus Plant in a 10cm pot Schlumbergera Red Houseplant Green 20x20x26 cm B077Y88FVY
Product Description Fantastic flowering cactus plant (no spines) ..
£60.54 £20.45
Hildewintera aurespina Cactus Plant in a 12cm Pot Very Unusual B07GXLYPGJ
Hildewintera aurespina, Cleistocactus winteri, Winteria aureispinar, Winterocereus aureispinus, Gol..
£74.06 £27.39
Perfect Plants Kalanchoe Rotundifolie Succulent Plant in 12 cm Pot Green 20 cm B076YJXX22
Product Description Kalanchoe rotundifolia , known as the Common Kal..
£86.14 £29.14
Money tree or jade house plant Crassula ovata Magical Tree succulent Brings wealth! B06XHMP8T8
Also known as the Money plant, Jade plant or friendship tree, Crassula ovata has unique glossy gree..
£74.21 £23.63
FloraAtHome Green Plant Senecio archeri Himalaya Ragwort 25cm high set of 3 B07CJPHVCD
Senecio archeriRagwort from the high mountains is a real survivorA charming, jumbled bunch of green..
£52.34 £40.76
Euphorbia resinifera Resin Spurge 4 6 cm 2 Plants! B00TU93MT8
Very ornamental clustering succulent plant from Africa. Euphorbia resinifera (Resin Spurge) grows f..
£79.16 £35.29
Hylocerus undatus Skyline Cactus House Plant in 14cm Hanging Pot B075V5XYLV
Hylocerus undatus 'Skyline' is a type of dragon fruit which is also known as a night blooming cereu..
£62.33 £42.81
Epiphyllum Beavertail Cactus Plant in a 15cm Pot x 1 B07DCV86FM
Epiphyllum beavertail is a semi-trailing house plant with thick, leathery, succulent foliage. Other..
£74.36 £45.87
Aloe Vera Mix 10 Plants House / Office Live Indoor Pot Plant Ideal Gift B06XXPSBXQ
Having an aloe vera plant around (and using it, should the need arise), can make even the most mode..
£79.13 £34.71
Perfect Plants Christmas Cactus House Plant in a 13cm Pot White Schlumbergera Houseplant Green 25x25x30 cm B077YYTFBK
Product Description Fantastic flowering cactus plant (no spines) ..
£74.29 £28.44
FloraAtHome Combibox Ficus Green Kinky Coffea Arabica Alocasia Polly Dieffenbachia Camilla 12 cm Pot 25 cm high Set of 4 Items B07FYP7TLX
Ficus Green Kinky, Coffea Arabica, Alocasia Polly, Dieffenbachia CamillaA nice combination of four ..
£57.26 £40.48
Agave Americana Variegata 19cm Pot Size B074D5N91P
Product Description A succulent with basal rosettes of spreading, la..
£70.90 £47.40
3 different Tillandsias Size XXL B00C3W4OWS
3 Big Tillandsia Plants (XXL)Ideal to create your own tillandsia arrangementsYou will receive 3 dif..
£72.45 £23.25
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