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Dryopteris Affinis Male Fern Sent in 9cm pot 3 B01JLH0DDQ
Our own native male fern with fronds 1.5m long in an upright rosette formation. Semi evergreen. Sui..
£28.63 £24.93
Polystichum setiferum Congestum B002TD06PK
Congested Soft Shield Fern. Hardy dainty dwarf form. Upright, congested overlapping pinnae. Perfect..
£30.13 £15.62
Umbrella Bamboo Ideal Screening for Garden Bamboo Plant Fast Growing Arching Yellow Green Canes Perfect for Urban Areas 2 x Fargesia Murieliae 36 Litre Pots by Thompson and Morgan B07G2J1XQ5
The fargesia murieliae, known more commonly as the umbrella bamboo hits a perfect middle ground of ..
£43.59 £23.39
Polystichum tsussimense AGM B002TD7XWY
Oriental fern. Cool, dark and shady conditions. Evergreen, Neat low growing pale green fronds. Holl..
£28.71 £15.22
Athyrium filix femina Victoriae hardy garden fern 9cm pot FREE POSTAGE B011J4U44M
A hardy deciduous fern with long narrow fronds. The pinnae (leaflets) on each frond branch off at r..
£23.42 £13.59
PACK OF 3 Athyrium otophorum Okanum eared Lady Fern Hardy Fern 9cm Pot B00DW6DIQW
The Athyrium otophorum Okanum is also known as the Eared Lady Fern. It is a decidous hardy fern wh..
£23.78 £23.34
Blechnum spicant Fern Sent in 9cm pot 1 B00S3K2FLQ
Evergreen fern with a creeping rhizomes and simply pinnate, leathery fronds up to 15cm that often h..
£26.80 £13.37
Dryopteris filix mas Crispa Cristata B002TCZXZY
Deciduous fern, good ground cover. Will grow in any site, hardy. Ht 75cm/2.5'. Sold in 9cm pot..
£31.94 £15.53
Gymnocarpium dryopteris Plumosum B00EIC9K3Y
Oak Fern. Deciduous, hardy, grows wild on acid soils. Black stemmed leaves produced singly. Makes a..
£25.30 £15.49
Fern Dryopteris affinis Cristata Angustata 9cm Pot Dwarf Male Fern B008FY87W6
The Dryopteris affinis Cristata Angustata, alternatively known as the Male Fern is a vigorous and s..
£35.17 £15.31
Mixed Plant Collection of 20 Established Evergreen Shrubs in 9cm Pots Evergreen Garden Shrub Plant Set includes Shrubs Conifers and Ferns B00HVZTL48
A mixed lot of 20 different evergreen plants in 9cm pots. These mixed lots are great value for mone..
£84.58 £35.37
Adiantum pedatum 15cm Pot Size B01I71SDXY
Maidenhair fern. Deciduous fern with stout creeping rhizomes. Mid green fronds with glossy brown st..
£25.32 £18.05
Dryopteris erythrosora Japanese Shield Fern Sent in 9cm pot 3 B01JLHKZDE
An attractive deciduous fern up to 60cm tall with triangular-shaped fronds. The foliage starts off ..
£30.37 £25.21
Dryopteris Dilatata Crispa Whiteside Fern sent in 9cm pots 3 B00D1QUBXG
A very compact fern with erect semi evergreen fronds. Grows well in shade in moist but well-drained..
£35.49 £26.47
Garden Expert Blechnum spicant 9cm Pot Size Fern B07C5NK42P
Product Description Hard fern. The native hard fern. A very pretty f..
£29.85 £23.64
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