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3 Mexican orange Aztec Pearl / Choisya Dewitteana Aztec Pearl 20 30cm in 2L Pots 3fatpigs® B015E9B2ZI
3 Mexican orange 'Aztec Pearl' / Choisya x dewitteana 'Aztec Pearl' 20-30cm in 2L Pots 'Aztec Pearl..
£53.84 £45.00
Euonymus fortunei Emerald Gaiety 3 x plants in 9cm pots B07C1C8JGY
Fresh looking evergreen having white and green leaves. An ideal filler in borders giving a bit of c..
£87.80 £20.13
rare fruit shrub Autumn Olive or Japanese SIlverberry ELAEAGNUS UMBELLATA scented flowers edible fruits young seedling plant B01MR9FCC8
An unusual fruit (shrub sized) but excellent also as an ornamental plant, it offers sweetly scented..
£62.21 £13.08
Red Robin Hedging Plants 20 40cm Photinia Christmas Berry Evergreen Hedge Potted 5 Plants B07DL1CXDF
Photinia Red-Robin is a dense medium-sized evergreen shrub with glossy elliptic leaves around 10cm ..
£63.93 £24.62
10 Photinia Red Robin Hedging Plants 30 40cm Healthy Evergreen shrubs by Sunnyside Nurseries B071D84GHX
Other common names Christmas berry 'Red Robin' Family Rosaceae Genus Photinia can be evergreen or d..
£92.80 £45.38
Pack of 6 Buxus Sempervirens Box Hedging Buxus Sempervirens Box Hedging Approximately 20cm Tall Evergreen Hedge Plants B00CUD98JY
Box Hedging also known as Buxus Sempervirens is the perfect hedging plant to form low hedges or a s..
£85.90 £29.39
Euphorbia martinii Tiny Tim 15cm Pot Size B00MS3AUTS
Spurge. A dwarf, evergreen sub-shrub with narrow, dark grey-green leaves. It bears open sprays of g..
£70.93 £23.00
Philadelphus are deciduous shrubs with simple, opposite leaves and bowl-shaped, usually fragrant fl..
£70.76 £16.00
Buddleia Mix of Pink White Blue [tricolor] Butterfly Bush Shrub Jumbo plug plants by Leegillard 1 B079YT5T48
This listing is for 3 jumbo plug plants, one each of white, blue & pink. Buddleia is an extremely h..
£86.00 £16.41
9cm Pot Viburnum Tinus Gwenillian Evergreen Shrub B07DBRJCT7
9cm Pot Viburnum Tinus Gwenillian Evergreen Shrub B07DBRJCT7..
£94.32 £15.62
Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree Prunus incisa Kojo No mai Ornamental Fuji 36 Litre Pot x 1 by Thompson & Morgan B076GSZKR9
This popular Fuji cherry bursts into life in early spring when much of the garden is still dormant,..
£79.35 £25.62
Pack x6 Hardy Jasmine Jasminum Clotted Cream Perennial Climbing Plug Plants B00NRDPKUW
Sensational new vatiety of this fast growing climbing Jasmine with lime-cream highly scented flower..
£89.42 £13.67
10 Green Privet Hedging Plants Ligustrum Hedge 40 60cm Dense Evergreen Potted 3fatpigs B013GBC7E6
Supplied as strong 2 year old plants in a 10cm pot ready for planting.These are NOT small plug plan..
£89.42 £46.97
gardenexpert 16251Ceanothus Delilianus Gloire De Versailles Plant in 15 cm Size Pot Green B01N2LLQJ8
Product Description California lilac. Bushy shrub with finely toothe..
£69.00 £26.92
Heuchera Black Taffeta Purple Coral Bells Hardy Herbaceous Perennial 9cm Pot B07DC7TTKK
Heuchera Black Taffeta or Coral Bells are not the usual green seen in nature. These evergreen peren..
£89.52 £14.79
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